The Many Famous Faces Of HBO Max’s Let Them Talk

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Esteemed director Steven Soderbergh pulled together his latest movie Let Them All Talk in seven days, shooting most of it on location on the Queen Mary 2 cruise ship. And we are so thankful he did because it has gifted us with more Meryl Streep content. Her last on-screen role was Little Women and 2020 desperately needs a dose of Meryl.
In Let Them All Talk, which hits HBO Max December 10, Streep portrays an author named Alice Hughes who is working on a manuscript for her new book. She takes a cruise with her friends and family to confront her strained relationships while also planning her next novel. Her fellow passengers are played by other prolific actors that help Alice work through her past. 
If you have seen the Let Them Talk trailer, then you probably spent most of the time pointing out all the stars you recognized. This film is stacked with legendary performers, actors who have become rising stars in recent years, and a few character actors. In case you weren’t able to catch them all in the teaser, here is the unbelievably accomplished group that joined Streep on the Queen Mary 2 to film Let Them All Talk.

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