15 Shows To Watch After The Undoing — Especially If You Hated That Twist

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Warning: There are spoilers for The Undoing ahead.

After six enthralling episodes, The Undoing has come to a screeching halt with its Nov. 29 finale. Since the Nicole Kidman drama was a limited series based on a book with a pretty definitive ending, there's no second season to look forward to. (Unless it pulls a Big Little Lies, and for the love of god please don't.) But as disappointed as many fans were with the ending of The Undoing, there was a special something that kept us all hanging on for all six episodes. And that special something can be found in a multitude of other TV shows, we promise.
Some of these are even better than The Undoing because they have genuine twist endings — those of us who waited patiently through The Undoing could use a good, solid twist right about now. You know, a show that won't look at the weeks you spend crafting theories about who killed Elena Alves (Matilda De Angelis), and let the answer be the most obvious, unimaginative twist of all time.
Disappointing ending aside, the series had plenty of other strengths that made it a fantastic watch up until the frustrating sixth episode. It's a lush big-budget drama full of Nicole Kidman's alluring coats, Manhattan private school drama, a unique murder weapon twist, and Hugh Grant trotting out his time-tested charm to do his best I Didn't Murder Anyone, I Promise impression.
Those same themes run through these 14 TV shows, so they're the perfect offerings to watch now that your Sunday nights are freed up.

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