Hulu Is Increasing Its Prices Come December & People Are Pissed

Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.
On November 17, Hulu — the streaming service of choice to watch The Great, Normal People, and Seinfeld reruns —  notified customers that prices for its Hulu Live + TV bundle package would be increasing starting December 18. The standard monthly bill of $54.99 will increase to $64.99 for current and new subscribers, but it doesn’t look like the service is going to come with more perks (channels, exclusive content, etc) — it’s just getting more expensive. 
Deadline reports that by the end of September 2020, Hulu had accumulated over 4 million live TV subscribers in addition to the 32.5 million customers who only use it for streaming. If that’s the case, why would the monthly cost of the bundle increase by 18%? Surely the service wants to use the increasingly popular option for cord-cutters to undercut competitors like YouTube TV, which also costs $64.99. But Hulu’s parent company, Disney, had, shall we say, a bad year, and its streaming services (Disney+ and Hulu) are basically the company’s financial backbone right now. So here we are, with subscribers looking at paying an additional $120 a year, and Hulu Live + TV subscribers are not pleased. 
Despite Disney’s glee over what the Mouse House considers to be an immaculate offering, Hulu’s Live + TV situation has never been deemed perfect by consumers. In addition to the price increases over time, some subscribers have also complained about delayed streaming and in-app playback errors, which make it difficult to access the 60 different channels and hundreds of shows available on the plan.
Since it doesn’t look like the price hike will address any of those logistical concerns, loyal Hulu users say they’re eyeing other live streaming platforms. Others are taking it a step further, even mulling over the possibility of returning to standard cable. Cable would be more than happy to have them; it’s been waiting by the rotary phone for a callback since they fled.
Is cutting the cord worth it in the long run if it ultimately costs the same as standard cable and has less perks? Survey says no, as do many Twitter users.
Refinery29 has reached out to Hulu for additional comment.

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