New Girl Predicted This Week’s Election Chaos Years Ago

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At this point, it’s difficult to believe the New Girl writers room wasn’t in possession of a crystal ball. Last week, it became clear the Netflix-favorite sitcom managed to predict its entire seven-season future with its very first Halloween episode. Now, it seems like New Girl saw the chaotic destiny of Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election coming seven years early. And there’s more than one piece of evidence to prove New Girl's political ESP. 
The first clue was spotted by Michigan singer Liz Bissonette. On Friday afternoon, Bissonette tweeted a snippet of video from New Girl season 2 episode “A Father’s Love,” which aired in 2013. “There are people in life who you want to be unpredictable: your pothead neighbor [and] our Vice President, Joe Biden,” Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) complains to an all-ears Winston Bishop (Lamorne Morris). Bissonette captioned the video, “Georgia flipping blue.”  
Few things have felt more “unpredictable” than watching Georgia — initially believed to be a Republican stronghold that would go solidly red during this election cycle — slowly turn towards former VP Biden. Activist and organizer Stacey Abrams has been heavily recognized as the person behind the progressive election week twist. While Georgia has yet to be officially called for Biden, he was up 4,000 votes in the Peach State as of Friday afternoon, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
However, that’s not where New Girl’s scarily accurate Joe Biden references end. In 2014's season 4 premiere “The Last Wedding,” heroine Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) turns to her friends for help landing best man Ted (Reid Scott), the most eligible guy at the titular final wedding. Jess is particularly concerned since she has romantic competition from Kat, a “technical genius” who is “like a seal,” if you catch her drift. Kat is also played by one-time Maxim cover girl and 2000s It-girl Jessica Biel
Be there,” Winston advises Jess. “Just be there. No matter where he goes — be there. He gets a drink? Be there. He talks to his friends? Be there. End of the night, be there. It’s called ‘the Joe Biden.’” 
When Jess commits this strategy of being her date's shadow, all Kat can ask her is, “Are you Bidening?!” 
As we’ve seen throughout this election cycle, Biden has had success by simply being there. He stuck around through the primaries long enough to win the Democratic nomination. He campaigned heavily in battle ground states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania by consistently holding events in those tossup locales. Biden even closed out his campaign in Pennsylvania, which is the state that may just hand him the presidency. 
Towards the end of “The Last Wedding,” Nick sighs, “You know, America’s got to take a hard look in the mirror at ourself.” If Bidening actually works for the man himself in the 2020 election, that glance won’t be quite so painful. 

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