Bachelorette Fans Think They’ve Figured Out Chasen’s Celeb Doppelganger, But… Did They?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
It usually takes Bachelor Nation about five minutes to find each contestant’s doppelganger: newly eliminated villain Yosef has already been compared to a Bee Movie antagonist, and Blake Moynes has been likened to everyone from Luke P. to a teddy bear. One of Clare Crawley’s suitors, though — 31-year-old Chasen Nick — seems thrilled about one of his supposed celebrity look-alikes, and for good reason.
Chasen, an account executive and model from San Diego, is catching viewers’ attention because of his resemblance to a certain character from everyone’s favorite quarantine rewatch: David Walton's Dr. Sam from New Girl.
“We’re all just gonna pretend that Dr. Sam from New Girl isn’t a contestant on The Bachelorette, huh?” one user tweeted. “Spot the difference. That one doctor from New Girl or Chasen,” wrote another.
Chasen seems to understand that being mistaken for New Girl’s Dr. Sam Sweeney is a huge compliment. He also seems to agree that he looks like the unbelievably attractive and charming doctor who briefly dated Jess (Zooey Deschanel). Just minutes before episode 3 of The Bachelorette, he shared a duo of selfies to Instagram with the caption "#samfromnewgirl?"
The hashtag also seems to suggest that Chasen is searching himself on social media — at the very least, we know he’s active on TikTok. One viewer made a video in which he offered up his first impressions of all the contestants. Over Chasen’s photo, he asserted, “This is the most Chasen looking Chasen in the history of Chasens.” Chasen shared his own edit of the TikTok and added, “You’re not wrong.” 
He didn’t always look like this, though. Last week, he exchanged high school horror stories with Clare, and then shared an awkward photo of his teenage self to Instagram. “Can’t believe I’m sharing this, but this is what I meant when I told Clare what I was like growing up last episode,” he wrote.
Whether Chasen’s a match for Dr. Sam might be up for debate — some people are sure he's more of a Chase Stokes from Netflix's Outer Banks but we can all agree he's got a sense of humor.

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