Zach J. Brought 2 Things To The Bachelorette: A Farting Ring Box & A Red Flag

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Since The Bachelorette and Clare Crawley have zeroed in on Dale Moss for the most part, we actually know less about her group of guys than we normally would by episode 3. One of her suitors who's flown directly under the radar is Zach Jackson. We glimpsed his questionable sense of humor when he arrived night one with — and I have not other means by which to describe this — a ring box containing a farting butt (it's known officially as The Moon Ring and it apparently costs 21 entire dollars). But that ring is basically all we know about the guy; last episode he faded into the background and occasionally provided the Bachelorette editors with footage of an intense pout. So, I tried to dig up something, anything, about this guy ahead of his one-on-one date on this week's Bachelorette and reader, it's not great.
You could probably guess that this is coming based on his limo entrance, but Zach J's ABC bio includes a few suspicious lines. First, it says he has had a “major crush” on Clare since Juan Pablo’s season, which was a full seven years ago. The bio also says, "he wants to make it clear that he is only here because he believes Clare is the perfect woman for him" and "he is prepared to lay it all on the line for the woman of his dreams and hopes to one day introduce Clare to his mom." Clare made it clear in episode 2 that she wants her Bachelorette men to show they care about her, but she also implied she's not a fan of men being overly persistent when she sent Blake Moynes back to his room after he crashed a group date.
It certainly seems like the powers that be are trying to set Zach J. as someone who's about to upset Clare. The official ABC description for episode 3 says that Clare becomes "uncomfortable" on the date and that Chris Harrison has to step in.
And considering that Zach J. only had a few pictures on his Instagram prior to the show, we genuinely don't know much more about him, unless you count his instance in his ABC bio that "gum and Chapstick" count as interests. He's not posting much about his time on the show, which may or not be telling. After Clare’s premiere, he posted about a company he founded with a photo that suggests his time on the show taught him about better lighting. Okay. He is also an ambassador for the Lynchpin Foundation which creates programs and provides mentors for teenagers, so that is nice.
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His Twitter interactions are slightly — and I mean slightly — more telling. Reality Steve hinted at some drama between Clare and Zach J. on their impending date in a tweet on Oct. 26, suggesting their interaction will be "polarizing." Zach J. responded with a skull emoji. A direct response from a current contestant to Bachelor Nation's leading spoiler blogger is pretty rare, but Zach J. pops up multiple times in the spoiler king’s replies.
He has also responded to a slew of fans' tweets about the season, playfully responding to tweets that mentioned him, but — and this is important — did not directly tag him.
It also seems like Zach J. is um, not engaged to anyone, per this reaction:
And if Clare brings some of the no-nonsense flair she brought to her conversation with the departed Brandon last week, it sounds like Zach J. may not be long for this Bachelorette world. One thing seems certain though: Zach J. will probably be able to shake being known as the "farting ring box guy" after episode 3 airs. 

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