The Secret Place In The Third Day Isn’t Actually All That Secret

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Spoilers ahead for episode 5 of The Third Day.
When someone on Osea tells you to follow them, you turn and run the other way. Unfortunately, in episode 5 of The Third Day, Ellie (Nico Parker) doesn't know this yet. On the latest episode, "Tuesday — The Daughter," Jess's daughter Kail (Freya Allen) invites Helen's daughter to a mysterious place on the island where outsiders aren't usually allowed to go. The thing is, this secret place isn't all that secret. Sam (Jude Law) previously visited it in his dreams in "Summer."
"Want to see something cool?" Kail asks Ellie when they first meet at the pub. She pulls a child's finger bone from her pocket, something found on a dig. Ellie isn't all that into it, despite her mom's previous claims that she's an archaeology enthusiast. It does encourage Ellie to open up about her late little brother and a recent incident at school in which she attacked a bully. She hit the girl, who was bad mouthing her brother, with a rock, but says she doesn't remember grabbing it. Kail uses this story as an opening to talk about Osea being the soul of the world.
"If Osea's sick, the whole planet's sick," she says, echoing something other islanders have said. The island needs to maintain balance, "but if it skews too far one way or the other," she continues, bad things may happen. Ellie's fight with those girls was an example of that. She's not bad, just out of balance. Kail warns, if Osea is out of whack "it effects everything, everyone." What we know from revisiting the island is that things are seriously out of whack. The islanders are split on how to move forward and no one seems to think Sam is doing a good job as the father of Osea.
Kail then invites Ellie to go with her to a "place that is so special no outsider is every allowed there." But she can take her there and only her, not her mom nor her little sister Tallulah (Charlotte Gairdner-Mihell). It's a clue that Ellie is special. Though so far, being special on Osea is more of a curse than a blessing. Ellie is interested in going to this secret place, but she keeps resisting. She doesn't want to leave her mom and sister behind. Still, Kail persists, showing up again and again to tempt her and eventually shame her in hopes she will follow her. When Helen (Naomie Harris) runs off to find Sam, Ellie finally gives in.
Kail leads her to an underground structure by the water. It isn't the first time we've seen this place. Sam also found himself there, but it is the first time we enter the underground lair where persecuted islanders went to practice "what we believe," according to Kail, which is a mix of Christianity and Celtic paganism. There are religious carvings on the walls that show someone being disemboweled. There's an altar full of candles that Kail lights as she explains how the island's worst atrocities connect back to some of the most terrible things that ever happened to the outside world. That includes Jack the Ripper, who Kail posits was really Osea's founder Frederick Nicholas Charrington. (FYI, some people IRL believe the men are one in the same.)
While this is a scary theory, Kail assures Ellie that this doesn't mean Osea is dangerous. "It means it needs to be loved," she says. And she thinks Ellie could love it, but what will loving it mean for the young girl? Sam also visited this place in his dreams and it was far less cozy then.
In the first episode, the little boy, who we later learn is Sam's son, leads him there. When he goes in he sees slaughtered animal parts. He finds a young child-sized shirt, bloodied and torn, a clue that the victims here were children. Something Kail hints at with her finger bone. In his vision, there is writing, in blood, on the wall, but it's hard to make out what it says. His dream ends with him wearing that same shirt, blood on his hands, ripping himself open.
Dreams play an important role in the series. They have included pieces to help put this strange puzzle together. In the opening moments of this episode, Helen (Naomie Harris) dreams of Sam. He's near the water's edge, staring out with his eyes closed. By the water, standing on the dock by the big house is where she eventually finds him. In her dream, she hears him call her name and "Cas," her real name. is the first word he says when he turns to see her. Her dream appears to be a premonition. Is his dream of the underground lair, too? And if it is, how does this moment connect back to his daughter?
Ellie, who is her dad's favorite, according to her little sister, shares some similarities with him including a concern that she is not well. Like her dad, she may have darkness in her that could be setting off the island's balance. Or, perhaps, she is the solution. Kail is putting out all the stops to get her to stay. She tells her that Osea will accept her for who she is and will love her for it. We also know that children like Epona (Jessie Ross) and her brother have sacrificed themselves to help steer the Osea ship right. Is Kail hoping Ellie will do the same?
Like her dad, Ellie's grief has led her here, to the island, to this moment in the building. She is looking for connection and the island might offer her what she needs. Last episode, we learned that Ellie has taken interest in religion, something that upsets her mom. But, it might be a clue that, despite what her dad saw in his dreams, she is not the one to worry about. "A person who has God on their side is not a person to mess with," Kail tells Ellie and her sister when they first meet.
Sam was not a believer. He continuously questioned the beliefs of Osea. But his daughter is more open to faith. Kail says that those that don't believe in a holier power are just "sheep," waiting to be slaughtered. Knowing how sheep end up on this show, it might be a good thing that Ellie is the former. Unfortunately, non-believers Helen and Tallulah are another story.

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