How The Deaf U Cast (& Their Drama) Are Doing In 2020

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Given the kind of year we've all had, the only drama we deserve from here on out is the Deaf U kind. We're talking good-looking people hooking up, dragging each other, supporting one another through trauma, starting rumors, and questioning their place in the world.
The new Netflix docuseries, streaming now, follows a group of students at Gallaudet, a private university for the Deaf and hard of hearing, as they find themselves at the unique delta of coming-of-age and life in the Deaf community.
Throughout the reality show's eight episodes, we follow these college students as they navigate being a student, being a young person with an insane sex drive, and landing somewhere on the Deaf spectrum, which you learn has its own challenges and politics. The cast themselves make great reality TV — many find themselves at that sweet spot of being both empathetic and messy, and truly seem to not hold much back.
Deaf U is prime for bingeing, since each episode is only about 20 minutes, so once you fly through the season, you might be curious to know what each star is up to. Thankfully, we've got your cheat sheet. Ahead, we've tracked down the Instagrams of the Deaf U cast so you can stay fed with (healthy) drama until season 2 (fingers crossed).

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