You Might Recognize Some Of Our Cartoon President‘s Voice Actors

Photo: Courtesy of Showtime.
There are several reasons you might feel completely lost trying to determine who voices who on Showtime's political satire Our Cartoon President. Many of the cast members portray multiple characters; Jeff Bergman, for example, voices both Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Not to mention there has been so much turnover in the Trump Administration (and, earlier this season, so many Democratic Presidential candidates) that every other episode seems to bring an onslaught of new roles.
A lot has changed since March's mid-season finale: the last time we saw these characters, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were still running Presidential campaigns and COVID-19 was barely mentioned. With an episode aptly titled "Coronavirus," September's premiere promises to pick up right where the cartoon left off — and there will be some fresh faces, too. Showtime announced that cartoon versions of Dr. Anthony Fauci, Jill and Hunter Biden, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will join Our Cartoon President's rapidly-growing ensemble. Some characters who only previously appeared as guests, such as Kamala Harris, might also play bigger roles as the show closes in on November's election.
If you're new to Our Cartoon President, you might recognize a few of the voices from viral videos, cartoon classics such Loony Tunes, and classic '90s films. (Even creator Stephen Colbert makes an appearance.) Here's the complete cast of voices representing all the most famous and infamous figures in American politics today.

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