Mary & Romain Tell Us What Happened At The Bachelor Party That Selling Sunset Forgot

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Warning: Spoilers are ahead for Selling Sunset season 3.
Much of the action in season 2 of Netflix's soapy reality drama Selling Sunset surrounded the wedding of Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet. After getting engaged at the end of the first season of the real estate reality show, the duo planned their wedding (and bachelor and bachelorette parties) throughout the second season, which culminated in their walk down the aisle.
But in Selling Sunset season 3, the duo took a backseat to the drama surrounding their castmates — including Christine Quinn's wedding planning, Amanza Smith's custody battle, and, inevitably, the fallout from Chrishell Stause's divorce.
"At the time we were very grateful for that because we were both just overwhelmed," Fitzgerald told Refinery29 over the phone in early August. "We work full-time, and then we're filming, and then planning the wedding. It was overwhelming, to say the least, so it was a nice break to not film quite as much. Actually, we did film a lot more than what you guys see, but it just didn't make the cut. I think once Chrishell's stuff happened, and Christine's wedding, that kind of took the forefront."
There was one conflict between the newlyweds, however: In the fifth episode, Mary revealed that she was mad about an incident that occurred at Romain's bachelor party in Las Vegas. Her only rule for the weekend was that Romain make sure that no girls came back up to the suite the Oppenheim brothers had rented for the occasion — but, naturally, Brett and Jason brought some women up to the room during a night of partying. While nothing happened with Romain and the women, once Mary found out what had happened she was extremely upset that not only had the women come up to the room in the first place, but that Romain had lied to her about it.
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The newlyweds are both frustrated that the conflict didn't get more screen time, but more importantly viewers were left without a resolution.
"We did have scenes where we clarified everything," Bonnet told Refinery29 on the same call. "And then she had the talk with Jason as well that was explaining more what happened."
Since the viewers only saw Mary's frustration about the situation and not the resolution, the couple wanted to clear things up for anyone who is curious about what actually went down.
"I was super stressed about the wedding. I just didn't have enough time in the day," she explained, citing the aforementioned bachelor party rules. "I trust Romain 1000% and I know he would never do anything, but when Jason and Brett brought a couple of girls that they met when they were out drinking up to the big suite that they got Romain, the main room where all the drinks were, Romain didn't want to tell me because he didn't do anything. He didn't cheat on me. He didn't do anything with the girls. The guys actually were laughing saying that the girls thought he was the rudest person they've ever met. They were trying to talk to him and they recognized him, and he wasn't having any part of it."
It's not even that Mary was mad that women ended up in their room, it was really that Romain lied about it. "It was hard to take because I was back here working so hard and trying to plan this wedding, and the lie was what I was focused on. I never thought he cheated. It was the lie. But he had good intentions, not wanting to stress me out more by saying, 'Oh, by the way, Jason brought these girls up here,' where I would question what happened."
And while neither Mary nor Romain think that they were particularly wrong — "We both still kind of stand our ground, in all honesty," said Mary — Romain probably would've just owned up to what happened in the first place. If he were to do it again, he wouldn't lie to Mary.
"I acknowledge the mistake. I shouldn't have lied," Bonnet said. "I was doing this in a good way and I didn't want to stress her out, but it unfortunately didn't turn out like I thought it would. People can see in the show, she was insanely stressed, and I just thought in my head that I didn't want to add stress on her. Now, seeing the result, I would definitely tell her. Then even if she gets mad, I think that would be best because I would never want to lie to her. I don't think it was worth it."
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