Selling Sunset’s Cast Has Their Season 4 Storylines Ready — Your Move, Netflix

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Warning: There are spoilers from Selling Sunset season 3 ahead.
The most satisfying part of finishing Selling Sunset season 2 was learning, thanks to an explosive teaser trailer, that the show had already filmed a third season that would include some very juicy storylines — Chrishell Stause dealing with her very public divorce from This Is Us star Justin Hartley, some of the women considering leaving the Oppenheim Group to form their own brokerage, and Christine Quinn's over-the-top wedding. But season 3 had no such trailer, leaving us to wonder whether the real estate reality series would get a season 4.
So far, the answer is not yet — but the power is in Netflix's hands.
"We'll find out if we get picked back up probably a couple weeks or 30 days after season 3 airs. They have to see what ratings are, everything like that," star Mary Fitzgerald told Refinery29 on an early August phone call.
If it does happen, though, there's plenty of ground to cover. While Chrishell discussed as much about her divorce as a person currently engaged in a legal battle probably could, there's way more there — namely, why Davina Potratz was so insistent upon playing devil's advocate for a person she'd never met. Why, exactly, was she so adamant that there were two sides to the Chrishell-Justin divorce drama? That fight was so explosive it caused Chrishell to storm out of Christine's wedding.
Christine, of course, seems to have ongoing beefs with… everyone, though that's more likely a product of Christine seemingly being created in a lab specifically to become the Platonic ideal of a reality TV villain. She also recently told Refinery29's Morgan Baila that things continue to be prickly between the Oppenheim Group agents, so if season 4 does happen, there will be that divide to contend with.
"It’s still me, Maya, Davina, and Heather. Amanza and I talk. Then it’s Chrishell and Mary in their own world and Heather is around sometimes. No one is going into the office and I’d love to say it’s because of coronavirus, but it’s because we are all so uncomfortable with each other," she said.
Heather Rae Young finally got engaged to her HGTV boyfriend, Tarek El Moussa, so will he actually appear on camera in the future?
And that's not even getting into the work side of things, which is theoretically why we are following these people in the first place. The biggest question: Will Maya Vander, who was commuting back and forth from Miami to Los Angeles every few weeks, actually open an Oppenheim Group office in the Sunshine State, or will she strike out on her own? If she does leave the brokerage, would her new venture be interesting enough for a potential spinoff? Or would she just leave the show and spend more time with her family?
Then, of course, there's the COVID-19 of it all.
"I would be more than happy to join the cast again if we did get another season," Amanza Smith told Refinery29. "But I don't know how filming is right now. I know that a lot of Hollywood is shut down — I have a lady that does my makeup for all my press and they have to wear a shield and a mask and a hazmat suit. It's just crazy. There's only a certain number of people allowed on a set. I don't even know when they would be able to start filming it."
The housing market is certainly ready, though. Most of the agents have been working from the office on occasion, with Mary and Jason there nearly every day and the other staffers popping in whenever they are around for showings, said Smith.
"The houses are selling like hotcakes. I think there was a hard pause for a little while, but once everything kind of opened back up, real estate has been booming," Smith said. "I think they're selling more than ever. Mary has like six or seven escrows right now."
If Selling Sunset does get renewed for season 4, that doesn't mean the show would necessarily start filming immediately. There are a lot of logistics involved in television production even without a pandemic, and coronavirus precautions would require even more planning. So even in the best of timelines, there's no way the series would be able to hit Netflix until 2021.
That said, Mary and husband Romain Bonnet have a storyline ready to go whenever filming does pick up again: Their house hunt. They didn't end up buying the Valley home Chrishell showed them in season 3, but they're still planning to purchase a house.
"We've been too busy to actually look, but that is our goal. We're going to be doing it, I would say, this year," Fitzgerald said. "Interest rates are so great. I think we'll just be able to find really great deals. If we do get season 4, I'm almost confident that you guys will see it on that."
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