Mercury Retrograde Might Be Coming For Your Period

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As Mercury settles in for its second retrograde of the year, most of us are prepared for the usual: communication mishaps, issues with travel, technology snafus, and trouble expressing ourselves in a productive way. But, there's one thing that this celestial transit might also be affecting — menstrual cycles. Though probably not in the way you might think.
Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer at and, says that planetary retrogrades don't have a direct correlation with periods. "The one celestial body that rules fertility, as well as the menstrual period, is the Moon," Montúfar explains. "Thankfully, she never goes retrograde!"
In general, though, retrogrades do bring along a certain level of stress into our lives — but not every planet's backward dance causes these feelings that could mess up or intensify our menstrual cycle, Montúfar says. "The only types of retrogrades that could cause such stress are those of the natal planets, the ones that are closest to Earth: Mercury, Venus, and Mars."
Mercury retrograde, as we know, is one of the most difficult retrogrades we have to experience. Communication goes haywire, and almost everything feels out of our control. Astrologer Lisa Stardust acknowledges that scientifically, there's no evidence suggesting that planetary retrogrades affect your menstruation —— but, she may have another explanation as to why Mercury retrograde in particular might cause us to endure menstrual mayhem.
"Mercury retrograde is a time of erraticism and impulsivity," she explains. "Being that our bodies are affected by the Moon — and the Moon controls the ocean and we are mostly made up of water — we can expect that the stars play a role in menstruation and fertility because the Moon is the divine feminine." Stardust warns that during this time, our periods may be late, early, or extra heavy, which makes sense, seeing that stress plays a factor in our period's regularity.
"As the planets slow down we experience certain frustrations that can cause certain stresses and tension, which in turn makes our usual menses symptoms feel even more intense and amplified," echoes Kesaine Walker, an astrologer and Reiki master based in New York City.
Sure, there may not be a scientific explanation regarding the relationship between retrogrades and your period, but our menstrual woes seem to be written in the stars.
Right now, since we're experiencing Mercury retrograde in emotional Cancer, we can expect our bodies to be out of wack, according to Stardust. "If you’re late or early this month, it’s the cosmos telling you that you’re absorbing the energy and cycle of others and need to clear your aura to focus on yourself." It might be a good idea to put your self care at the forefront whenever your cycle syncs up with Mercury retrograde.
Also, having your period fall during a Mercury retrograde could mean that your communication skills are going to be twice as off. "If you are experiencing your period [during Mercury retrograde] you may find it more difficult to get your point across to people, or in some cases it may seem harder to understand what they are saying to you," notes Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at Emotions are often heightened during this point in your menstrual cycle, and you may find it much more difficult to connect with others.
If your time of the month coincides with a Mercury retrograde, then it's best to prepare for it — not ignore it. Stock up on self care goodies like face masks, make time to meditate, and understand that not everything you're trying to communicate will come across gracefully.

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