Who’s Who In The Reality TV Bubble Of Reality Z

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
What do you get when you cross a reality show with a zombie outbreak? The answer, in this case, is Netflix’s Reality Z, a brand new drama-parody from Brazil, which is actually based on a UK show, Dead Set. And Dead Set was created by Black Mirror’s Charlie Brooker so needless to say even though it’s been adapted (and expanded beyond a handful of episodes), Reality Z has some points to make about society — and its obsession with reality television. 
The story here is that while filming an episode of reality television, a zombie outbreak suddenly strikes the live audience crowd, forcing the contestants to barricade themselves inside their Olympus-like soundstage. The set is has a gaudy Disneyland of Greek History look to it and has contestants dressed head to toe in gladiator and goddess costume. The game appears to be run like Big Brother, which is fitting since the original series focused on the popular reality show that puts a group of contestants in a house, sequestered from the real world. As expected, things quickly spiral out of control as the zombies attack everyone in the studio, paying no mind to how popular any of these people might be on Twitter. 
Seeing as how the show comes straight from Netflix Brazil, you might not recognize many of the cast members on the series. If you’re wondering who’s who and who is a zombie, here’s what you need to know about the Reality Z cast.

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