After Sean’s Bachelor Season, Tierra’s Sparkle Escaped From The Spotlight

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Way before Corinne Olympios and Demi Burnett, there was Tierra Licausi. On Sean Lowe's Bachelor season, she made waves for her conflicts with the other contestants and the way she proclaimed that no one would ever steal her "sparkle."
Since Sean's season aired in 2013, not all the current Bachelor Nation fans remember or even know Tierra. And she's put the seven years since her reality TV appearance to good use, by trying as much as she could to fade from the public spotlight. Of course, with The Bachelor re-airing a condensed version of Sean's season on June 8, Tierra will be dragged back into that spotlight by old fans rediscovering her and new fans learning about her for the first time.
Seemingly in an attempt to avoid unwanted scrutiny, Tierra has made all of her social media accounts private. It's possible that they've been private for a long time, and who could blame her? Signing up for one season of a reality show seven years ago doesn't mean you owe anyone details about your life now. She does however, still identify herself as a Bachelor contestant in her Instagram bio.
Not much is known about Tierra's life after she was eliminated from Sean's season. She did get engaged in early 2013, shortly after her exit, according to E! News. She reportedly had been dating the person before Sean's season and rekindled things after the show. However, by September 2013, they reportedly called off the engagement. At the time of the engagement, Tierra's brother Tyler told E! News that she reportedly "doesn't want the 15 minutes [of fame] any more," and that's something she's stayed true to ever since. 
After the show, she didn't do much press. Tierra told Olivia Caridi on her podcast Mouthing Off in 2018 that she didn't feel the need to defend herself. She said the people in her life knew who she truly was, and that's all that mattered to her. She also stayed relatively offline, even taking a year break from social media in 2017 because she just didn't want to be so consumed by her device any longer. In that 2018 interview, Tierra also confirmed that she was not engaged to that man from back in 2013, but that he was still in her life and they were "trying to mend things and work through them."
However, when she accepted this reporter's Instagram follow request, her account revealed that she met someone new about six months ago, and things are going really well with him. But if they ever get engaged, don't expect to see much about it on social media or a glossy People magazine spread of their big wedding day. Tierra is content living her life privately and out of the spotlight.

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