Rahanna’s Business Is Genuinely Booming After Queer Eye

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Warning: There are spoilers for Queer Eye season 5 ahead.
The Fab Five turned Rahanna Gray's life up to 11 on Queer Eye when they helped jump start her business on season 5. Prior to the show, Gray was a mobile dog groomer whose business was not so mobile. Her van was no longer operational, so her customers had to come to her. But the Fab Five outfitted her with a brand new vehicle, super cute branding, and helped brainstorm ways to expand her business. She took it all in, and she's been implementing the changes to her business over the past few months since the show taped last fall. Gray tells Refinery29 that going on the show "has been the best experience" of her life not only for her business, but also for her relationship and personal confidence.
She says the biggest lesson she took away from the show was how to better love herself. "Tan [France] taught me to tell myself everyday before leaving the house, to look in the mirror and say what I love about me," Gray says, adding that Jonathan Van Ness also helped her realize how important self care is. "Before him, I didn't really have a self care routine … Putting myself first is very important. Too often I make sure everyone around me is taken care of, and I don't always take care of myself."
Viewers saw that on the show with regards to Gray's relationship. She was making things work with her boyfriend after a betrayal of trust, and Karamo Brown helped her see the importance of being strong enough to leave if the situation called for it. However, the stern talking to that Karamo gave her boyfriend seems to have gotten through to him, because Gray says, "My relationship is doing really well … Karamo gave me great advice for making sure I say what I want from my relationship."
On the business side of her life, things are flourishing for Stylish Pooch mobile dog grooming. Shortly after appearing on the show, Gray took to Instagram to let her clients know she was mobile again and would be upping her rates. Yes! Get that money. Over the next few months she did steady business and even started to introduce products for purchase. She has merch for both humans and dogs on the way and she's started a line of dog treats.
"My dog treats are selling like hot cakes," Gray says with a laugh. She says she's always wanted to be able to sell dog treats, but now Antoni Porowski has helped her figure out some dog-friendly recipes to use. As she's expanded her business to include shoppable items, she's continued to get advice from Bobby Berk, who helped brand her new business and get her all set up. "I've grown so much as a person and business owner," Gray says. "Bobby has [given] me the greatest advice on how to be a boss."
And now business is so good that she's booked up through August. She says she's planning to expand soon with a second grooming truck since the number of clients keeps growing.
Interest in her services is only going to grow once people see her on Queer Eye, but with her keen business acumen and the Fab Five in her court, Gray can handle anything that comes her way.
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