This Clip Might Finally Explain Denise Richards’ Drama With The Other Beverly Hills Housewives

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo.
Going into season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it was clear that Denise "I'm Fucking Denise Richards" Richards was going to be at the center of the drama. And now, we know that episode 8 is going to mark a real turning point in her relationship with the other women. In an exclusive clip from the episode titled "Mind Your P's and BBQ's," Denise, her husband Aaron Phypers, and some of the other Beverly Hills Housewives get into the argument that eventually leads Denise and Aaron to dramatically walk off camera.
In last week's episode Denise was annoyed at the other women for talking about threesomes at her house when her kids and their friends were seated nearby. So, of course, the upcoming episode features Kyle Richards throwing a "kids party" that just begs for the whole thing to be rehashed all over again.
In the clip, Kyle and Denise get into an argument about Denise not bringing her kids to the party, because she wasn't comfortable having them around this group anymore. In her confessional, Kyle calls it "mom-shaming" that Denise wouldn't trust her kids being at her home.
But it's not just Kyle and Denise who are part of this discussion. When Kyle asks Denise if she was upset about the argument in Santa Barbara last week, Denise says, "I was not upset at anyone at this table," and we get a shot of Lisa Rinna, who is having a grand old time in a bouncy castle and definitively not at the table. As you'll recall, Rinna tried out some of her classic pot-stirring on Denise last week, which Denise wasn't cool with since they've been friends for so long.
Then, Teddi Mellencamp starts making comments about how Denise is a hypocrite for "throwing F-bombs in front of Dorit [Kemsley]'s kid," leading Denise to call her a "shit fucking stirrer." More F-bombs!
Aaron pipes up about how the women all need to get along. "I think everybody puts their hand in the center and does a hoorah," he says. There's also this incomprehensible line: "When people win also people engage because they want to see how those people won. Keep that in mind, ladies." Okay...
This sets Erika Girardi over the edge. "Is Aaron a complete moron or is he on good drugs? I'm fucking confused, man," she says in her confessional. Now we know this is fuel for the upcoming argument between Erika and Aaron that's shown in the season preview.
At some point in all of this, Aaron and Denise decide to leave. In a previously released trailer that shows them walking away from Kyle's party, Denise tells Aaron, "We're on camera. Don't say a word."
"Don't say a word" about what? Kid parties? Lisa Rinna? Frequency healing? That part remains to be seen. But it's clear now that things are really heating up — and we haven't even gotten to Brandi Glanville yet.

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