Everything You’re Wondering About RHOBH Star Denise Richards’ Husband

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During her first season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Denise Richards was known for dressing casually, being outspoken about her sex life, and ordering Casamigos Reposado not Blanco. But, dynamics are always changing on the Real Housewives, and now, Denise and her husband, Aaron Phypers, are both a major part of season 10’s drama. There’s the much talked about situation with Brandi Glanville, a trailer showing Denise telling Aaron, “We’re on camera. Don’t say a word,” and a teased moment in which Aaron gets into an argument with Erika Jayne.
So, with all of that to look forward to, we should probably get to know Aaron a little better. Well, aside from the more personal information Denise has given us. We know from last season that Aaron was previously married to Nicollette Sheridan. The Desperate Housewives star and Aaron got married in December 2015, according to People, and were together only six months before they separated. We also know that Aaron and Denise got married in 2018, because the wedding was featured last season on RHOBH. This season, we’re going deeper and learning more about Aaron’s job thanks to the scenes in which he helps Denise after her hernia removal surgery, and an upcoming (very awkward) dinner party. Even after everything he spills on the show, his career of choice is pretty unclear. Frequency healing? What is that? 
Follow along for that, and more important questions about this newly central duo, below.

So, What Is Denise's Husband Aaron's Job, Really?

Aaron, who goes by Aaron Cameron professionally, works in frequency therapy and founded a center called Q 360. Because this already confusing, let's start with the explanation on the Q 360 website:
"Q in Q 360 stands for the Quantum Energy Field. This field is universal. It is the field where we all share an interconnectedness and an inter-relatedness. It is a field that both responds to consciousness and emits a universal field of conscious, informed, and intelligent energy. At the level of mind and spirit, Q 360 uses this field to create balance and health."
If you read that and don't really understand it — the top of the website simplifies all of it down to this: They offer "sound therapy" and "light therapy."
Aaron's clinic is far from the only place offering these kinds of therapies; the New York Times even did a trend piece on "vibrational medicine" way back in 2005. Google "sound therapy" and "light therapy" in Los Angeles, and you'll find all kinds of wellness centers offering their versions of these practices. As you'll see on RHOBH though, Aaron maintains that his healing method is unique. His site explains:
“It all started with Aaron Cameron’s vision of creating a healing space using something as basic as frequencies. Physics has shown that everything vibrates, i.e. has a frequency. Starting over 25 years ago in Canada, he began using various frequency generating devices to help people re-establish homeostasis and balance their body, mind and spirit. Something miraculous happened — clients began to heal from all sorts of ailments — imbalances, just by being exposed to specific sets of frequencies.”
On the company's Instagram, Aaron further explained his frequency philosophy with some (and I do mean just some) historical context:
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Technically, there is more information on the Q 360 site, but I've seen it, and you may still be left scratching your head.
Denise also previously explained Aaron’s job on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills After Show, defending it in the process: “It's light and sound therapy. How he described what is going on is Ella Fitzgerald sings and breaks glass, right? The frequency breaks that. So, frequency can also break down different things going on. It's not cuckoo weird shit. It's been around for hundreds of years, holistic medicine, all over the world. It's different for every person.” 
In addition to working with frequencies, Aaron previously did a little bit of acting. His IMDb page lists three roles; two in short films and one for a TV series. And, now, of course, he’s also a reality star.

How Did Aaron & Denise Meet?

Surprise, surprise: Denise and Aaron actually met when she started going to him for frequency medicine.
“I was going to him to do preventative DNA repair,” she said during the after show. And, as she explained last season on RHOBH, they ended up having sex in one of the rooms at his office. “There were no clients there,” she added in the video. 
On an episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Denise said she and Aaron had been dating for about a year and a half when they got married, which would mean they started dating in 2017. News that the two were engaged was reported by multiple sources in September 2018, but Us Weekly reported that Denise and Aaron had actually been engaged since January, but wanted to keep things private. This would make sense, because in early 2018, Aaron had been in the process of divorcing his ex-wife, who he’d been separated from for two years.
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Aaron & Denise's Life Together Now 

After their engagement news was made public, it wasn’t long until Aaron and Denise tied the knot. Only two days after the engagement reports circulated, the couple got married on September 8, 2018.
Since then, Aaron and Denise have been enjoying married life and raising Denise’s three kids, teenagers Sam and Lola, who she shares with ex-husband Charlie Sheen, and 8-year-old Eloise, who Denise adopted in 2011
Of course, they’ve also had to deal with the rumors involving Denise supposedly hooking up with former RHOBH star Brandi. Denise has denied the rumors and said that she and her husband are standing strong in the face of them. “I have a very solid marriage and I — my husband and I, we just rise above it,” she told Entertainment Tonight in March. “You know, in the big picture, we can't worry about that stuff."
Following the last episode of RHOBH, Denise posted a long Instagram caption, half of which was spent thanking Aaron for being there through her hernia surgery. It appears they're still going strong; she refers to him as "my amazing husband" and "my incredible husband."
Now, we’ll just have to see how it all shakes out on the show. I wonder if Aaron can do any frequency healing for all their Real Housewives stress, though?
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