Your Guide To Every Major Person In Anna Kendrick’s Love Life

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Do you ever wish you could take a look back at all your past (and maybe current) relationships and romanticize them in such a way so you feel like each of them taught you something along the way? That’s the best way to describe HBO Max’s Love Life, an anthology series that follows the ups and downs of one person’s journey from start to finish, or single to coupled off. The first season of the series follows Darby (Anna Kendrick), who believes, deep down in her soul, that the only way she can find happiness is to realize that she loves and is loved in return. 
For the most part, the series follows a pattern, with each episode dedicated to one love (or broader relationship) in Darby’s life. She’s got her first real post-college relationship, a one-night stand, a former childhood flame, and also certainly something she believes is true love. Which one will last? Which one will make Darby the happiest? What will she learn from each of them, if anything? The answers for Darby aren’t always clear cut, because that’s just the way love is in real life. 
HBO Max has also assembled a very impressive roster of suitors for Darby, and honestly, it’s a shame we only get most of them for an episode, maybe even two. As you travel along with Darby on her journey, here’s who’s who in the cast. 

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