These Are The Industries With The Most Open Jobs Right Now

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With the latest unemployment numbers out today, there are 36.5 million Americans who may be in search of a job right now. Though some experts are hopeful that many of the people who have filed these unemployment claims are temporarily furloughed, the unemployment rate as of now still may be higher than during the Great Depression.
Whether it’s extra income or a full-time job, there’s a need for job search resources that are tailored to the economic impacts of COVID-19, and new ways of connecting with potential employers. “With many workplaces moving to more remote settings, employers are continuing to test new ways to get their open jobs in front of the talent their business fiercely needs,” says Sarah Stoddard, a Career Trends Expert at Glassdoor. “Going forward, employers are getting creative with social media and hosting virtual job fairs and virtual events as a way of reaching large pools of qualified candidates around the country.”
Glassdoor recently launched a COVID-19 job search hub that shows you specifically which positions are seeing a surge in demand right now. Job titles in demand, according to this hub, include nurses, data entry professionals, project managers, social workers, and online teachers. The company has also launched a new company updates tool that lets job seekers see how companies they’re interested in are responding to COVID-19. “That kind of transparency might even help inform your decision about applying to certain companies during this unprecedented time,” says Stoddard. 

Teaching online and tech jobs

Among the fully remote jobs that are being advertised on the front page, there are customer support, online tutoring, ghostwriting, and transcription positions. Online English teaching is seeing a huge surge through companies like Rosetta Stone, QKids VIPKid. Tech jobs at companies like Cisco, Microsoft, and Facebook are in demand, and as internet access and quality become even more important to the masses of people working from home, ISPs like Spectrum are looking to fill positions. 

Non-remote jobs

Many of the in-demand jobs right now aren’t ones you can do from the safety of your home, and the biggest demand is in health care and essential businesses like grocery stores. Glassdoor has a dedicated section for jobs like this that are hiring right now, and it may come as no surprise that Amazon is among the companies with the most non-remote job offerings. In mid-April, it said it was looking for another 100,000 employees, despite coming under fire for its treatment of essential employees during the pandemic. Other essential businesses like Aldi and CVS Health are also seeing a hiring surge. There’s been a rise in e-commerce jobs as well, especially since e-commerce has become bigger during quarantine. Health insurance companies like Humana and UnitedHealth are also searching for workers, and many states are currently hiring scores of contact tracers
Indeed has also released a list of major companies hiring right now, including Taco Bell, Burger King, and Lowe’s. Pizza Hut was in the news when it announced it would hire 30,000 permanent workers, and 7-Eleven currently has 27,000 jobs available on Glassdoor. (A longer list of urgently hiring companies on Indeed can be found here.) The U.S. Army has also been posting many new job openings recently.

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