Netflix’s The Big Flower Fight Is Like Bake Off For Plant Moms

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Just what we needed, a new television offering that expands upon Netflix's cozy suite of entertainment while also indulging our cottagecore fantasies (the only fantasy we can safely pursue at the moment). Netflix has all the cooking shows and home improvement shows we could ever want. On May 18, Netflix’s The Big Flower Fight will make its global debut as a competition show for florists, sculptors, and garden designers to show off their wildest creations. It's Great British Bake Off, only for flowers.
Like in Bake Off, we set our scene on the lush British countryside, there is a tent as well as two up-beat hosts. But The Big Flower Fight follows ten pairs of amateur floral sculptors, from all over the world, as they take on monumental challenges every week. The winner of each challenge will be titled "Best In Bloom" while the losing team will be "directed to the compost pile," and eliminated.
Your hosts will be famed British comedian Vic Reeves and actor/comedian Natasia Demetriou. If you don't know or think you don't care about who they are, remember that you likely felt the same way about Bake Off's hosts so trust that you will similarly be swept away. Celebrity florist Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht will judge every episode alongside a revolving door of guest judges.
The winner of the contest will have their sculpture displayed in London's Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Surely this show will soon make you an expert in all things flowers, trimmings, and cost-per-ounce and, who knows, maybe you'll adopt some of their skills for your next dinner party tablescape.

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