12 Truly Great Shows To Watch On Hulu Right Now

Photo: Bruce Birmelin/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images.
Looking for a new show to watch? Since there’s a high chance you’ve probably already gone through everything on Netflix, and have carved out a huge chunk of a nostalgia-watch on Disney+, why not turn to Hulu for a few great TV shows?
What was once started as a service where you could catch you up on the shows you happened to miss last night — ah, those were simpler times — Hulu now has a huge library of full series you can watch from start to finish. While some on the list below have ended — who doesn’t love starting a television marathon that they know actually has a clearcut end? — some of these series are still on the air and Hulu is the only place you can find them.
Another great thing about Hulu? They don’t ask you if you’re still watching after three episodes. No offense to Netflix, but we don't need that kind of shade right now. Hulu already knows you’re still watching. 
Whether you’re looking to find your brand new favorite series or just looking to watch a few episodes here and there, here are some of the best titles available (other than the downright depressing Handmaid's Tale) on Hulu right now.

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