We’ll Bite: What’s Going On With Joe Farrell & Ramona On RHONY?

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Warning: Spoilers for Real Housewives of New York episode 3 are ahead.
It's the third episode of The Real Housewives of New York City season 12 and the Real Housewives are still not back in New York City. This week continues with their adventures in the Hamptons. This time, all six ladies attend a party Ramona Singer is hosting at the mansion of Joe Farrell, a man whose name is repeated over and over and over again and who we get some intriguing (and infuriating) information about.
As we find out in the episode, Joe is friends with Ramona, went on a "the lamest date ever" with Tinsley Mortimer (according to Tinsley), and also went on a date with Bethenny Frankel (again, according to Tinsley). He also— as the RHONY editors so kindly show us with a screenshot of a Page Six article — hosted a Donald Trump fundraiser in the very mansion where Ramona hosted her party. Page Six reports that Joe is a longtime member of the Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach, Florida.
Basically, Joe is a big shot real estate developer in the Hamptons, and is particularly known for owning the mansion on the show, called Sandcastle. As many reports about it will tell you, the home has been visited by celebrities like Justin Bieber and Beyoncé, and is often on the market. (Or, as Sonja Morgan put it, "Oh, it's for sale? No wonder we’re invited.") Currently, Sandcastle is being rented out for $2 million to some rich person who wanted to escape from Coronavirus.
Ramona and Joe have quite the flirtation during her party, but there's no evidence that they started dating or moved on to be anything other than flirty friends. A major theme in Thursday night's episode is the fact that Ramona likes schmoozing with people in the Hamptons, and that's all her relationship with Joe seems to be. As she excitedly points out on the way to the party, she also is friends with "the guy who invented the lights on kids’ sneakers." Currently, Ramona is quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic with her ex-husband, Mario, and daughter, Avery. Plus, her tagline this season is about her "not needing to find love" because she loves herself. While Joe could pop up on the show again, it doesn't look like anything serious is going to happen between him and Ramona.
But, while Ramona likes hanging out with her wealthy Hamptons buddies (with political leanings that bring to mind that time Andy Cohen asked the Housewives who they voted for), Joe and his crowd don't go over so well with some of the other Housewives. "Ramona is hosting this party at this fancy house to show us all her fancy friends," Sonja says. "Fancy-schmancy. This is just going to be another boring party with stiff people and a lot of small talk." Leah McSweeney's impression upon entering the house was "Oh my god, this is, like, weird white people." She went on to compare the situation to Eyes Wide Shut.
The party ends up being a total mess with the women just goofing off in this ridiculous house. In particular, Sonja gets super drunk, freaks out over the mansion having a bowling alley, talks repeatedly about her vagina, and flirts with a 20-something before demanding pizza. Now, if they could just do all that while avoiding people who make us think about Trump, we'll be all good.

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