The Too Hot To Handle Cast Is Just As Extra On Instagram

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Following the major success of Love Is Blind, Netflix dropped another reality television series with an almost equally baffling concept. Love Is Blind's pods kept its couples from physically interacting early on, but Netflix's Too Hot to Handle challenges its contestants to refrain from any form of sexual touching for the entire show.
Too Hot to Handle is basically a version of Love Island with an element of chastity. Confused? Let me explain. Ten sexy singles arrive on the sandy beaches of Mexico hoping to spend the summer hooking up. The men and women, who come from different countries, aren’t the biggest fans of relationships. They are, however, huge supporters of hookup culture. But, they will have to change their ways if they want to stay on the show and win the cash prize of $100K.
Thanks to hilarious narrator Desiree Burch, the audience knows that the cast only has a few hours after they arrive before Lana’s rules are put in place. Lana is the artificial intelligence system that informs the cast that they are restricted from kissing, having sex, or heavy petting. Each time they break the rules a cash amount will be removed from the $100K that will be awarded to the winner. In the first season’s eight-episode run, Lana, Burch, and the audience watch these sex-crazed people struggle to prioritize emotional connections over strictly physical relationships.
So, who are the 20-something-year-olds who were tricked into coming on Too Hot to Handle? Let's go down the list, shall we?

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