Listen To Your Heart Was Apparently Too Big For Bachelor Mansion

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Not only is Bachelor Nation about to meet a whole new cast of contestants on Listen to Your Heart, but the mansion used on the show is also brand new. Unlike how The Bachelorette and The Bachelor use the same Los Angeles County "Bachelor mansion" for both shows, Listen to Your Heart is making use of a brand new location.
Host Chris Harrison told Refinery29 that moving to a new mansion just felt right: "Bachelor in Paradise has a fresh, new feel and a different look, clearly. So we thought, Why not create a new franchise and a new look?"
The new mansion is a sprawling Spanish-style mega house. It's seriously huge. And that larger square footage solved a logistical problem of needing to house many contestants at once, while giving them enough space to frolic and make connections; kind of like on Bachelor in Paradise.
"You have all the women and the guys living in one house, and we needed space for them to be together to perform," Harrison says, adding that the home is big enough to bring in an actual audience for one of the couples' big performances this season.
Even though it's a new setting, the mansion will feel familiar in a few clear ways. For one, the mansion is still in Los Angeles County, allowing contestants to go on dates in the surrounding area. In the first episode, one lucky couple goes to Capitol Records in Hollywood.
Additionally, the set designers are back on their Bachelor game. This mansion is rife with the familiar twinkly lights, bubbly hot tubs, mood-setting candles, and oversized couches for the contestants to get cozy together on. There are even bunk beds for the contestants like on the main franchise shows and the all-important wet driveway for contestant arrivals.
Just like on main shows, Listen to Your Heart also eventually left the mansion behind for the contestants to get some traveling in. The finale of the show was filmed in the music capital of the South, Nashville, Tennessee. The city also happens to be home to several Bachelor Nation stars like Evan Bass and Carly Waddell.
Listen to Your Heart has just enough ties to Bachelor Nation to make the move to a new mansion an easy one. Once you're watching, you probably won't even notice the difference.
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