Where To Stream Modern Family From The Beginning, In Case You Already Miss It

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What will life be like without the Pritchett, Dunphy, and Tucker families? That’s a question many fans will soon face now that Modern Family is coming to an end. The comedy's series finale airs Wednesday, April 8, bringing ABC's longest-running sitcom to a close, but that doesn't mean you actually have to say goodbye. If you want to live in denial and keep these beloved characters in your life long after the show is officially over, you could start streaming past seasons of Modern Family. Unfortunately, doing that will take a little effort.
Modern Family isn’t on Netflix, so if that remains your one and only go-to streaming service, you’ll be out of luck. Modern Family is available to stream on Hulu — but not in full. As of now, season 11 (the final season) is the only season that’s available on the platform. So if you have an account (or know someone who does), you can at least relive the ending of the show. That’s great news if those are the only episodes you were interested in, but if you were hoping to start your journey at the very beginning and go all the way back to season 1, that endeavor will prove to be a little tricky. And by "tricky" I mean it will involve spending some extra money. But can you really put a price on quality time with your favorite TV family?
The best place to start is Amazon Prime, where you can buy seasons or specific episodes of the series; choose your own adventure (and budgetary constraints) On Amazon, Modern Family it costs $2.99 per episode and seasons start at $9.99 (the newer the season, the higher the price, generally). If you're not down with Amazon or their app, you can also find the series on YouTube and iTunes, but no matter how you slice it, buying all 11 seasons can get a little costly after awhile. The good news is that if you decide to go this route, the series would be yours to enjoy forever.
You could wait a few weeks to see if the series lands on a streaming service like Hulu or Disney+, however. The show is produced by 20th Century, which is now a subsidiary of Disney, so it's possible that there are plans to drop the series in full on a streaming service in the near future.
Apart from that, Modern Family syndication rights were acquired by USA back in 2013, which means if you have cable, you could also start DVR-ing reruns for a nice little rewatch, as long as you don't mind commercials or the fact that episodes may not be in the exact order you were hoping for. But if you're really desperate for more Dunphys, that method would still give you a taste of what made this show so wonderful to begin with.
It's not the same as binging two entire seasons over a weekend, but it’s certainly better than nothing.
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