Why Everyone Is (Thirst) Tweeting About Danny Phantom

Photo: Nickelodeon/Everett Collection.
Now that much of the world is social distancing due to the spread of the coronavirus, there’s time to reflect on our past passions. For many people on Twitter, it’s their one-time love of Danny Phantom — and, in some cases, the thirst for its titular character is coming right back.
Danny Phantom is a cartoon series that aired on Nickelodeon from 2004 to 2007. It centered on Danny Fenton (voiced by David Kaufman), a teenage boy who, in a lab accident, fused his DNA with “ectoplasm,”allowing him to activate ghostly powers. Unfortunately for Danny, his parents are the town’s resident ghost hunters, which means he has to keep his identity a secret. To make high school even more complicated, his newfound skills make Danny a target for less-than-friendly creatures from “the Ghost Zone.”
Last week, TV creator Butch Hartman (who is also the brain behind The Fairly OddParents) shared that it is the 16th anniversary of his series Danny Phantom, thanking all the “phans” who “made this show so special.” By Monday, Danny Phantom was trending on Twitter.
Some people loved the show’s theme song, which, if you were a child in the early aughts, you likely know by heart. 
"danny phantom is randomly trending rn but I just want to say that this theme song was a bop," wrote one (correct) fan.
Others declared Danny (mostly in ghost mode) their childhood crush:
"You are a LIAR if you say you never had a crush on Danny phantom that fine ass mf."
Some fans reminded Twitter that it was more than just Danny who deserved the thirst — need we forget that Sam (Grey DeLisle) was a combat boot wearing babe? 
For those who just remembered how much they missed this Nick cartoon, there’s good news: All three seasons of Danny Phantom are available to stream right now on Hulu. Go ahead and social distance in the Ghost Zone, Sam and Danny are waiting.

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