An Exhaustive Guide to Every Celebrity You’re Going To See On Quibi

Photo: Courtesy of Quibi.
"And you get a show, and you get a show, and you get a show; Everybody gets a show!” is how I imagine the initial meetings went at Quibi HQ. Quibi, a new streaming service that offers viewers snackable, under-10-minute shows, launched April 6, and creators did not pull back on hiring the biggest celebrities for new Quibi shows. The platform will have over 50 original shows and is free to use for 90 days if you sign up and download Quibi on launch day.
In a world where it’s becoming hard to remember all of our streaming services (and our usernames and passwords), especially when you factor in social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, how does Quibi stand out, exactly? At CES 2020, Quibi CEO Meg Whitman explained that, “We fill a niche [other platforms] don’t. We provide content for people on the go.” Quibi, which will offer shows, unscripted series and documentaries, and daily news, is meant to be watched on the subway, or during your lunch break. As uncertainty grows over how Quibi will be used when most of the world is stuck at home, one of the platform’s major selling points still stick: It’s star-studded AF.
If you’re debating whether to download Quibi or just plain ‘ol curious, here’s a guide to all of the celebrities who’ll be starring in shows.

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