This Unreleased TV Show Has Already Not Aged Well

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Social distancing in the time of the coronavirus means staying as far away from other people as possible — so it’s a bit ironic that one of the few unscripted shows to be released in today’s touching-averse age is all about trying to get your hands on another person. Readers, allow me to introduce you to Ultimate Tag, a new reality show that’s pretty much exactly as it sounds. 
Ultimate Tag, which premieres on Fox on May 20, is sort of like what would happen if American Ninja Warrior had a baby with your favorite childhood game. It pits “professional taggers” (in wild costumes) against “amateurs” who must run from them through an insanely difficult obstacle course. It’s a game of skill, divisiveness, and, of course, touching...which may make it aspirational television content, given our globe’s current predicament. 
With previously planned reality shows — like the Olympic-themed competition/dating series Bachelor Summer Games — being scrapped and even more productions pushed back due to the spread of the coronavirus, Ultimate Tag may be the thing that has everyone glued to their television. All episodes were filmed before the spread of the coronavirus changed the world. It’s even hosted by NFL players and brothers J.J., T.J., and Derek Watt, for those of you who are missing seeing your favorite athletes on television now that professional sports have been temporarily suspended. 
On Wednesday, J.J. went on Instagram to tease his new show, and also troll one of his brothers. 
“Have watched everything on Netflix. There’s no sports on TV. Fox, idk how this all works from a logistics standpoint, but can we somehow release Ultimate Tag early?” he wrote. “We could all use some entertainment. (and let’s be honest, T.J. trying to read off at teleprompter is gold.)”
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Let’s give the people some entertainment.

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We likely can look forward to even more brotherly jabs on Ultimate Tag — though man, I really hope T.J. is in on the joke. On T.J.’s sweet birthday Instagram message to J.J., he responded with: 
“Thank you. Your breath still smells tho.” 
Check out the trailer for Ultimate Tag below. 

Ultimate Tag premieres on Fox on May 20...unless the Watt brothers get their way.

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