Years After Her Juan Pablo Bachelor Fiasco, Nikki Ferrell Now Has Two Loves In Her Life

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It's been six years since Bachelor fans have seen Nikki Ferrell on TV. The pediatric nurse won Juan Pablo Galavis' season in 2014, but the couple split in October — just seven months after his finale aired. Now, in 2020, Nikki has long since put Juan Pablo in her rearview mirror.
In January 2016, she got engaged to Tyler VanLoo. According to People magazine, he's a longtime friend of hers. She had previously posted a cute photo of them on Instagram in October 2015, captioning it, "Sneaking in a #tbt from a couple years ago to when this guy was my best friend and I wouldn't really admit to anything more...but we all knew."
It's not that uncommon for stars to end up with people whom they knew before going on the show in the first place — Chris Soules' contestant Ashley Salter and Bachelorette Emily Maynard are two examples of this. After a short 10-month engagement, Nikki and Tyler tied in the knot in October 2016. Nikki's fellow Bachelor contestant Andi Dorfman was one of her bridesmaids, and Kelly Travis and Christy Hansen (also from Juan Pablo's season) were in attendance as guests.
However, Us Weekly reported that after two years of marriage, Tyler and Nikki were allegedly separated as of December 2018. This report was based on anonymous sources claiming that things had been rocky for the pair. But, a year later in November 2019, the two had apparently reunited, and Nikki posted to Instagram about going on a hike together. She doesn't post on the social media site often, but the couple was still going strong as of February 18, 2020 when Nikki uploaded a photo of them hanging out together. "I thought I'd wait until all the Valentines Day posts cleared your feeds so this plaid suit could get the attention it deserves," she captioned the shot of her dapper husband. The two were also spending time together in a March 30 Instagram Story she posted.
The other great love of Nikki's life is her work. She's a pediatric nurse and has been ever since before she went on Juan Pablo's season. Her Instagram bio acknowledges that most contestants don't resume their day jobs after the show. It says, "Actually went back to that Nurse life post Bachelor life." Nikki works at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. Her two most recent Instagram posts are both about her moving out of her current unit to a new one within the hospital. "I can't wait to change all the lives, teach all the new baby nurses, and overcome all the new challenges with some of the greatest humans I've ever known," she wrote about the location switch up.
As of March 24, COVID-19 didn't appear to be affecting her particular job. A concerned fan wrote on the Instagram post that she could send masks if Nikki's team needed them, but Nikki reassured everyone that they didn't "have a shortage at this time." Being in the healthcare field in any capacity right now must be intense, and things are changing daily, but Nikki clearly still loves her job and caring for children.
So between the marriage and the career, don't expect to see her back on any Bachelor franchise shows in the future. She's fully moved on with her life.
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