The Best Hulu Movies & Shows To Watch When You’ve Seen All Of Netflix

Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.
While I know, realistically, that there's no way anyone can actually watch every TV show and movie ever made during this quarantine period, it is already starting to feel like there's nothing new left to stream. When your days are now organized into work-from-home units of morning TV shows, background TV shows, and pandemic movies to stay up way too late watching, no recommendation for something to watch goes unappreciated.
While apps like Netflix Party are making the streaming giant a huge part of everyone's quarantine routines, other services like Hulu have just as many original shows as well as must-see new movies for your self-isolated pleasure.
Like Netflix, Hulu has gotten into the original content game, so some of these recommendations come straight from the streaming service itself, but it has too many classic TV shows to fit in any reasonable list (think Seinfeld, The O.C., and Veronic Mars).
Ahead, however, we're zeroing in on some of the best Hulu original content that's currently available on the platform, but there are also a few traditional previously-in-theaters movies and regular TV shows that are so necessary for quarantine survival, I've thrown them in at the end. As we know by now, you can never have too many suggestions.

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