Let’s Talk About Spooky’s Ending In On My Block Season 3

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Warning: Spoilers for On My Block season 3 are ahead.
There are some distressing twists at the end of On My Block season 3. Not only do things get quite messy, but there's an unbearable stretch of time in which it seems that Spooky (Julio Macias) may be dead. You can breathe easy. Spooky, or Oscar, might actually have the best ending of all our favorite On My Block characters.
Sure, there was a minute there where the Core Four had good reason to believe that Spooky had been shot and killed, especially Cesar (Diego Tinoco). While that made for an extremely stressful scene in which our crew looks for what they believe to be Spooky's body, we do eventually find out it was actually Cuchillos herself who was killed. (Jury is still out on who did it, but it kind of seems like Spooky killed her, for what it's worth.)
With Cuchillos out of the picture, Oscar gets to take over the Santos gang and has them vow to settle all future differences with words, rather with guns. He tells his little brother that his sights are set on getting out of gang life entirely; he wants "adult problems," like a house and a wife.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
And thankfully, for all the Spooky stans out there, the final moments of On My Block season 3 saw a two year time jump, and Spooky did get all of those adult things. Future Oscar has a pregnant partner, a grill, and a full head of hair. He got out, and he's living an entirely different life — just like Monse (Sierra Capri) at her private school and Jamal (Brett Gray) with the jocks on the football team.
While that outcome is fantastic, especially for anyone charmed by Cesar's older brother, it does offer some stark contrast to the other major outcome of season 3. Oscar's and Cesar's major changes this season were undoubtedly motivated by the return of their father in season 3. His return pushed Oscar to start thinking about the future and make some changes in his life. For Cesar, it played out a little differently and he does not get such a bright and hopeful fate.
In the time jump, it appears that Cesar has taken Oscar's place running the Santos. He has new tattoos, a shaved face, and a menacing stare. Whether Oscar wanted it for him or not, Cesar has taken up his mantel. It's devastating that, at least for now, all of Monse's dad's worst fears about Cesar have come true.
This probably isn't the last we'll see of Spooky, though. If and when On My Block returns for season 4, it's pretty unlikely he'll be able to turn a blind eye to his brother's new dangers. And since no one's happiness ever stays in tact for long on this show, it's also likely that in an effort to protect his brother, he could be drawn back into the Santos gang business. And if it's not Cesar, it could be Lil Ricky, who is still out there and may want to avenge his ex-girlfriend Cuchillos' death.
Yes, Oscar has escaped his past for now, but as every movie and TV show about organized crime tells us, he can't escape it forever.
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