Where — & When — We Everyone On Westworld Season 2

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
From Bernarnold to Halores to, you know, the Westworld characters who are only ever themselves, let's take a look back at where Westworld ended up in season 2 — before Westworld season 3 throws more curveballs at us. Some characters are dead and won't come back, some are dead and absolutely will come back. Excuse the computer programming pun, but it's a lot to process.
Last season ended with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) escaping the theme park for good. But one super important key thing to remember as we go into season 3, especially when it comes to the various whereabouts of each character, is that Dolores smuggled five "mind pearls" with her. Those are five Westworld Host characters that she can build using her 3D printer at any time. One of them was Bernard/Arnold, and one of them might be her father Abernathy, but beyond that we don't know. At least the timelines finally converged, for the most part.
Back on the island, the "situation" has allegedly been taken care of in Westworld as far as the mainland is concerned. Anyone connected to Delos is either dead, on the side of the Hosts, or secretly a Host themself. We're not sure if that is true of the other parks like the Raj, Shogunworld, Warworld, and the mysterious fifth and sixth parks. There are plenty of characters still there to worry about in season 3.
So, before the story continues here's a quick status update for all the heroes and anti-heroes on Westworld.

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