Every Familiar Voice You’ll Hear In Pixar’s Onward

Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.
Disney and Pixar's newest movie Onward is here to charm us with its comedy... and probably make us cry with its sentimentality. The story follows two teenage elf brothers who are determined to bring their father back to life with a magical staff that their dad invented. But when they accidentally only bring back half of him, they set off on a quest to learn how to complete the spell. Along the way, they meet the cast of characters that make up Onward's mysterious world — including a manticore, pixies, half-human/half animal hybrids, a cyclops, and more.
What's really exciting about Onward, is that the movie includes Disney's first LGBTQ+ animated character. There's been some controversy over how big the role actually is and the fact that some countries are censoring the role, but it's a baby step in the right direction.
And overall, the studio really pulled out the big guns when it came to casting the voice actors behind the characters. There are a couple of Marvel heroes, some hilarious comedians, an Oscar-winner, and a legendary voice actor among the talent.

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