The Cast Of AMC’s Dispatches From Elsewhere Features A Former Freak & An OutKast

Photo: Courtesy of AMC.

For those that feel as if something is missing from their life, AMC's Dispatches From Elsewhere might be the answer. The new series, which is inspired by an immersive alternate-reality game, focuses on four regular people who have been selected to attend the Jejune Institute, a mysterious retreat that takes them on a wild goose chase to find Clara. Oh, who is Clara? Well, that's for you to find out. But, while you wait, get to know the cast of Dispatches From Elsewhere.
The AMC series, which premieres March 1, features a Freaks and Geeks alumnus, a two-time Oscar winner, and a member of OutKast. While the stars of the show might seem very different, like, possibly the beginning of a "walked into the bar" joke different, their characters are all looking to find meaning in their boring, consumer-driven lives.
Through this game, the foursome is exposed to a hidden world they never knew existed. One, that from the looks of the Dispatches From Elsewhere trailer, helps them finally find a bit of happiness. Something these four strangers, who all feel a little bored with their lives, are majorly lacking.
But is the institute an adventure of self-reflection or an elaborate hoax to distract them from something bigger? Either way, let this game begin.

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