Will There Be A Love Is Blind Season 2?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
No, there will never be enough Love Is Blind, thanks for asking. Before the finale even dropped on Netflix, it was announced that the main couples on the show would be returning for a March 5 reunion, and now that that's come and gone, we're already looking further ahead. While this group of lovebirds has found their happily ever after (which, in some cases, is happily without each other), it's time for a new crop of singles to get their time in the pod, and Netflix has finally confirmed that not only will Love Is Blind be coming back for a second season — there will be a third season as well.
According to a press release, the second season of Love Is Blind will take place in Chicago, and they're already casting for the next batch of singles. Before this announcement, the show's creator Chris Coelen had already endorsed the concept, and Redditors noticed a clue that suggested it was already in the works.
In the current season of Love Is Blind, the Atlanta-based singles speed-date via pods that separate the two potential partners on either side of a wall. They fall in love only through conversation before meeting each other IRL, going on vacation, and living together. While the second season will likely follow that same formula, there's opportunity for some changes. They've already picked a new city with new contestants who will maybe vacation to a totally different locale, and Coelan is "100 percent" on board.
"I want to see a season 2 or a season 12. Don't you?" he told Oprah Mag.
Viewers also noticed that contestant Mark Anthony Cuevas may have had already spilled the beans on Instagram when he changed his bio to this:
His specifying that he's a contestant on the first season makes a lot more sense now that we know there's a season two.
Then there was that moment from the reunion, which dropped on YouTube and Netflix on Thursday, March 5.
"Love Is Blind season 1, down in the books," host Vanessa Lachey signed off the special, suggesting that there was room in the aforementioned books for more.
While season 2 has been announced, we may not see it for some time. Season one filmed a year and a half before it ultimately dropped on Netflix. Luckily this time around, an army of fans will be waiting. Nothing says "motivation" quite like the impatient wrath of the internet.

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