We Were So Wrong About The Identity Of The Masked Singer’s Taco

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Updated March 5, 2020: The man behind the taco costume has been revealed, and it turns out that we were way off in our guesses. After weeks of performing on the celebrity singing competition, we finally know the identity of the animated taco: it's Tom Bergeron!
He was unmasked on last night's episode, shocking the audience and judges alike. We might have been fooled, but Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, and Jenny McCarthy should really have known better; the television host has worked with each of numerous of times before. How could they not have known it was him?
Having been on the hosting end of many competition shows (Dancing with the Stars, Hollywood Squares) for so long, Bergeron was thrilled to be able to participate as a contestant for once. Singing on The Masked Singer was "bizarre" but great fun for him nonetheless.
“It was such fun, and it’s a great group of people,” Bergeron said after being unmasked. “Once I was finally able to take the mask off, it was a wonderful reunion with quite a few people I had worked with over the years."
So much for those Tim Allen theories. Below, all the clues that should have pointed us right in Bergeron's direction.
This story was originally written on February 26, 2020.
What would we do without The Masked Singer? It is the only show on television where you can watch a grown man dressed as a taco effortlessly, confidently, and willingly belt Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon.” Taco is a frontrunner and one of the top competitors in The Masked Singer's Group B. There are a few theories floating around on social media about who is behind Taco's tomato head. But, after carefully examining the clue packages, we have narrowed it down to a comedic guy that has been making audiences smile for years. 

The Masked Singer Clues About The Taco

Let’s start by breaking down the Taco’s costume. He is a taco. Most of the people on this show who dress up in the sillier costumes tend to be people who are known for their humor. He showed off his comedic timing when he feigned getting emotional about feeling invisible on national television. Also, it is important to note that the Taco usually rests his his arms on the side of his shell when he isn’t performing.
Let’s move on to the first clue package. We heard the Taco say he wants to be “the last mask standing.” He claimed to have been “a comforting part of your lives for decades.” VHS tapes were also shown. During his performance of “Fly Me to the Moon” he gently and slowly swayed around the stage. He nailed the old-timey-crooner voice required to sing that song. 
A lot was going on in Taco’s second clue package. After a few too many food puns, Taco said he used to be a hot head until he met the love of his life. He said she changed everything and made him a softer taco. There is also a shot of a whoopie cushion and a close up image of constellations, specifically Gemini. He sang another classic song, “Bossa Nova Baby” by Elvis, and showed off some more dad dance moves. 

Who Is The Taco On The Masked Singer?

Taking into account all these clues and a couple performances, I have determined that the Taco is actor and comedian Tim Allen. The veteran actor has starred in plenty of shows and movies that prove he doesn’t take himself too seriously (see: The Shaggy Dog), so he would likely agree to dressing up as a taco for a few weeks. Allen is also older which would explain the way Taco moves around the stage and how he stands when he is listening to the panel.
Allen is already in the Fox family, so it wouldn’t be difficult to get him on the show. His “last mask standing” comment is a reference to his current Fox series Last Man Standing. The VHS tapes and him mentioning entertaining people for decades could be a recognition of Allen’s other long-running sitcom, Home Improvement, and his role as Buzz Lightyear in the longrunning Toy Story film series. The two vintage songs also make sense because Allen is an older actor.
The clues in the second package are the most obvious signs that the Taco is Allen. He has publicly spoken about serving time in prison for a drug felony and turning his life around, becoming sober, and marrying his wife, Jane Hajduk. The whoopie cushion connects to his comedic career. Lastly, Allen was born June 13, making him a Gemini, hence the constellation. 
So, all signs point to the voice of Buzz Lightyear. I’m very confident in this guess, but, of course, we won’t truly know until Taco takes off his mask.

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