Nick Viall’s Unpopular Bachelor Theory Is Dividing Fans

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The Bachelor is getting down to the wire and we're no closer to knowing who, exactly, Peter Weber ends up with in the finale. With no clear frontrunner, and only an ominous clip of Peter's mom crying for fans to go off, fans have come up with increasingly dramatic theories. The newest one, though wild, carries a little more weight because it comes straight from an actual former Bachelor star who knows how the process works: Nick Viall. The former Bachelor-turned-podcast-host hopped on Twitter after last night's episode to share a convoluted theory in which Peter finally ends up with...Hannah Ann Sluss.
Before we dive in, here's where we're at in The Bachelor: Peter went to the Fantasy Suites with both Hannah Ann and Victoria Fuller, but things came to a screeching halt when Madison Prewett found out. She had told Peter that she wasn't sure she'd be able to continue on this ~ journey ~ if he slept with the other women, and then it seems he went ahead and did just that. The episode ended with tears and a teaser of what appears to be a total shitshow of a finale. Basically, the winner is anyone's guess, but here's what Nick thinks happens.
"Peter sends home VF because .. finally sex," his tweet begins. "Maddi leaves on her own.. because sex. Peter is devastated. Peter regroups, realizing H.A. Is his person. Right before proposing to H.A, Maddi comes back."
He says that he thinks when Madison comes back, Hannah Ann is over it, and pulls a similar move, exiting the show.
"Peter sends home Maddi. Mom tells Pete to bring back H.A. He does. Peter is with H.A," his theory concludes.
Fans aren't so sure.
"Nooooo this is ALL wrong," one replied, writing that she thinks it's actually pretty simple. Madison leaves, Peter's mom begs him to bring her back, he does, and now they're dating.
Others have no idea, they just hope it isn't Hannah Ann.
"This would honestly make me so angry," another replied.
But, really, is there any good ending to this season if it doesn't involve Hannah Brown?
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