Love Is Blind’s Giannina Says She Is A “Soulpreneur” — But What Is Her Business?

Photo: Via @gianninagibelli.
While we eagerly await the final episodes of Netflix’s latest foray into reality television, Love is Blind, we have been looking into the lives of the contestants outside of the pods. For example, what does Giannina Gibelli do for work?
Gibelli, who is currently engaged to Damian Powers on the show (at least until that cliffhanger ending this week gets resolved), describes herself in her Instagram bio as a “soulpreneur.” Not entirely sure what that is, but okay! She is credited on Love is Blind as a “small business owner,” but what is that business? Gathering clues based on what Gibelli has said on the show, we know it has something to do with social media. We checked out her LinkedIn, and it looks like she has quite a bit of experience in social media consulting and marketing, so we are guessing a “soulpreneur” is somehow involved in that field. 
In a Q&A on her Instagram, Gibelli elaborates a bit on her job history, saying that she “used to be in retail” training people on how to “consult with customers on hair care products.” So, it sounds like there is an element of sales as well. Gibelli also shared that she studied advertising and public relations at the University of Central Florida. 
It appears that she started working for herself about a year ago. In an Instagram post shared in July 2019, she commemorated her first anniversary of becoming her own boss. On her LinkedIn, she lists becoming a freelance consultant around the same time. She describes her job as establishing “business practices and processes across retail and commercial B2C local companies,” as well as specializing in sales strategies and restructuring outreach techniques. 
While we speculate about the finale of Love is Blind, Gibelli appears to be back at it working for herself, watching the show for herself, and trying not to give away any spoilers despite the show being filmed over a year ago. Whether she finds love on the show or not, she seems to have found something she loves doing long before that.

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