Hannah Ann’s Parents Aren’t So Cool With This Whole Bachelor Thing

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The hometown dates are here on The Bachelor, which means it's time for Peter Weber to meet four families and determine whether any of them straight up hate his guts. One of these families will be that of Hannah Ann Sluss, a 23-year-old model from Knoxville, Tennessee. Peter will meet Hannah Ann's parents, and likely her two siblings, in the hopes that they're totally cool with her getting engaged to him in about two weeks time.
Hannah Ann's parents were first seen in her intro package during season 24's premiere episode. She and her family were shown praying before dinner, and Hannah Ann noted, "We are all very close." She also said, "My dad already talks about Peter like he knows him." Well, it looks like Mr. Sluss shows a different side now that the stakes are higher. Hannah Ann's mom, Jennifer, says, "Her dad is not going to just give her away to anybody." Then, Hannah Ann's dad tells Peter, "I ask you as a father, I’d rather you not say that to her," apparently, in reference to Peter saying he's falling in love with Hannah Ann.
As for what else we know about Hannah Ann's parents, her dad is in the lumber industry, which comes up when she takes Peter ax throwing. We also know that Hannah Ann lives with her parents, and that her family isn't afraid to do a color coordinated photoshoot.
And, yeah, that's about it for now. There hasn't been any huge drama with her family that Hannah Ann has shared with Peter during any dates, and they all seem to get along great. The conflict here seems like it's going to come from Hannah Ann's dad not wanting to "give his blessing" to Peter considering he still has three other women remaining. There's always one family where this happens. Why can't they just be fine with their daughter maybe marrying a dude they've known for an hour and she's known for six weeks, if he decides that he likes her more than three other women? It's not that hard.
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