Trader Joe’s Is Testing A Vegan “Milk” Chocolate Bar. Are You Ready?

Photo: Getty Images.
We’ve veganized a lot of things at this point. Everything from cakes to granola bars to avocado chocolate pudding. In fact, so many vegan foods and dishes count on cocoa powder to kick things up a notch. But while cacao nibs and cocoa powder are swell and all, what about actual chocolate chips? 
Sometimes, the folks over in Monrovia, California drop major news in the soothing and casual podcast Inside Trader Joe’s. In the most recent episode, for example, Tara Miller, the company’s Director of Words, Phrases, and Clauses (yes, that’s actually her title) shares that the grocery chain is working on a fully vegan “milk” chocolate.
She notes that the product is still in development that but it has been approved by the company’s tasting panel. The “milk” in this chocolate is almond milk. “But I wouldn’t have known the difference,” Miller says, “if I wasn’t told it would've just tasted like creamy milk chocolate.”
So there you have it – it’s now in the hands of Trader Joe’s (and presumably, several government agencies) to determine when we might have vegan milk chocolate bars in our grocery bags. Oh, the things we’ll drip and drizzle and dip with this treat! 
“I feel like our vegan customers are going to absolutely flip when they see this product,” Miller added. And to be honest, we’re sure they will.
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