Every Horror Movie Coming Out This Winter

Photo: Courtesy of Sony Pictures.
If you're a horror movie fan, the right time of year to be scared is every time of year. Why wait to be freaked out by a creepy porcelain doll until Halloween, when you can do that right now? When it comes to the horror movies coming out in winter 2020, there quite a few to choose from. With these films, you can escape to a (terrifying) island with perfectly warm temperatures or hang out in a (terrifying) cabin during a snowstorm — the choice is yours.
The horror movies in the following slideshow have either already been released this winter and are still in theaters or available to view at home, or are getting ready to hit theaters in February and March. There are originals. There are sequels. There are adaptations of both a '70s TV show and a centuries-old fairytale. There's Elijah Wood sporting a mustache and a really bizarre haircut. There's truly something for everyone. (Unless you just hate horror movies, in which case, please direct yourself to a much more comforting upcoming release instead and stay cozy.)
Click through to check out ten horror movies from the winter of 2020, along with their release dates and trailers. It's time to decide which one is right for your particular taste in frights.

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