What The Summer House Cast Does To Afford Their Hamptons Digs

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo
The whole point of getting a vacation spot like the one on Summer House is so that you can work hard during the week and play hard on the weekends. That's the motto of the cast of Bravo's sleeper hit reality series, Summer House, at least. And we know they take the first part of that motto to heart, but during the week the cast of Summer House have jobs, too.
The crew has been at this for four seasons at this point. They gather together every weekend of the summer, at a vacation house they all rent together, creating a sort of temporary bubble in which drama brews. Only, unlike the people on old school reality shows a la Big Brother, these folks only stay in the house on weekends. Monday through Friday, they're back to their 9-to-5s. They have to pay for the house, after all.
But what exactly is a 9-to-5 for a Summer House resident? What kinds of gigs allow for recreational reality stardom? These folks work in a variety of industries; some are influencers, some work in PR, others do comedy, and some sell booze — so basically, their work is also sort of what they do on the weekend, too.

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