John Krasinski Promises A Quiet Place Part 2 Answers All Our Burning Questions

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The next chapter of A Quiet Place will answer every question you have about the sound-seeking monsters — and the people left on Earth who must hide from them, according to writer-director John Krasinski. 
A Quiet Place tells the story of the Abbott family, who is living in a remote farmhouse in near silence, having already lost their young son to the monsters months earlier. When the monsters descend upon them, they are forced to fight for their lives. 
At the end of the first movie, Krasinski’s character Lee sacrifices himself by making a loud distraction to save his wife Evelyn (Emily Blunt, Krasinski’s real-life wife) and children Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Marcus (Noah Jupe). The family finally gets a one-up on the monsters when Regan, who has hearing loss, discovers the frequency of the hearing device Lee made for her drives them crazy, allowing the family enough time to kill them and escape. 
Yet the Abbott clan is far from safe, and A Quiet Place: Part II will pick up where the first film leaves off. 
In a new promo video for A Quiet Place: Part II, Krasinski teases that while the next story will move forward in time, it will also satisfy fans who had lots of questions about the world the Abbott family inhabits. 
“We answer all the questions that the audiences was asking from day one, especially: ‘How did this all start?’” Krasinski shares in the video, referring to all this sound drama.
It seems that one of the film’s new characters may help answer some of these questions. In the promo, Evelyn meets a new character played by Cillian Murphy, who was previously described to The Hollywood Reporter as a "man with mysterious intentions who joins the family unit."
In the teaser, Murphy’s character tells Evelyn: “You really have no idea, do you?” when she reminds him that there are people who deserve to be saved, even in this messed up world. He may be referring to the reason these monsters are here in the first place. Could something humans have done be the reason why the sound hunters are on Earth? He may also be alluding to the fact that since this chaos occurred, people have turned on one another and aren’t particularly worthy of salvation. 
Whether it’s monsters or other humans they’re fighting, the Abbott family is not safe…and they’re not even able to scream about it. 
Check out the video below. A Quiet Place: Part II hits theaters March 20, 2020.

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