Schitt’s Creek x 1917 Is The Crossover We Didn’t Know We Needed

Photo: Courtesy of PopTV.
Like chocolate and peanut butter, sometimes unexpected accidents make for the most delicious of recipes, and I'd definitely put Schitt's Creek x 1917 on Reese's Peanut Butter Cup level. Annie Murphy, star of the PopTV show, came by The Kelly Clarkson Show on Wednesday to sing her character's signature song, "A Little Bit Alexis." The only thing is, Clarkson had just been interview the two very serious male stars of the Oscar-nominated 1917, who had to sit and watch the whole thing.
It's hard to think of anything that would crossover in the venn diagram of Schitt's Creek, a show created by Eugene Levy and son Dan Levy, and 1917, an Oscar hopeful war drama starring George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman, other than they probably drink milk in both of them? Now, however, they've shared this wonderful moment in which two actors who had to embody a grueling journey across war-torn France, are now watching a two women sing, "I'm expensive sushi / I'm a cute huge yacht / I'm a little bit single / Even when I'm not."
Clarkson, who joined Murphy for the song, added her own lyrics about being "a whole lotta Texas."
"I'm a classic bronco / I'm on Texas time / I'm a whole lot of tipsy / when I drink fine wine," she sings.
MacKay and Chapman clapped dutifully and even enthusiastically, but Murphy knew the truth.
"Oh my god, David!" she tweeted, mimicking a line frequently uttered by her character. "YOU try performing A Little Bit Alexis with @kellyclarkson in front of the stars of 1917 who are VERY confused about what's going on, while being haunted by the ghost of your teenage self who is trying to make you pass out every two seconds! Ugh!"
Okay, do Schitt's Creek x Little Women next. Moira is Marmee.
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