Kendall Jenner, No. 1 Cheer Fan, Learned A Stunt With Navarro Cheer

Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
Coach Monica is basically the Kris Jenner of cheerleading, so it makes sense that Kendall Jenner is a huge fan of Cheer. The model used to cheer herself back in her high school days, but that doesn't mean she was confident when Ellen DeGeneres surprised her not only with a handful of the Navarro Cheer squad, but the news that they'd be performing a stunt together.
First, Jenner's favorite Navarro cheerleader, Morgan Simianer, came out to surprise her with a Navarro Cheer uniform of her own. The two hugged, both equally fangirling over each other.
"You're so cute!" Jenner cried while Simianer screamed.
However, Jenner's excitement quickly turned to fear as she learned that she'd been tasked with doing one of the most quintessential — but still terrifying — cheerleading stunts, the prep. While it doesn't involve any flips or jumps, it does require you to trust that you can stand up straight while being lifted high into the air. But if Navarro cheerleaders are the ones lifting you, how scared can you be?
I mean, still scared. Luckily, Jenner's experience in high school, plus being a model who's required to never look bad, ever, meant she actually nailed the prep in one go. After just one demonstration, she stood triumphant on the hands of the two cheerleaders below her, earning screams from the audience and her new BFF, Simianer.
“I can't even, like, process anything," Simianer told Refinery29 last week about the show's popularity. "I thought it would be popular in the cheerleading world, but then after the first few days, seeing how it was getting a lot of attention in different countries and on social media that didn't know anything about cheerleading, I was very shocked about how many people this reached out to."
Watch Jenner's stunt with the Navarro Cheer team below.

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