If You Think You Fancy Mike Boateng From Love Island, Just Wait Till You See His Brothers

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The sixth season of the popular dating reality series Love Island is officially underway, and fans have already declared their loyalties to their new favorite Islanders. The first round of singles this season are the show's most diverse group yet, including multiple people of color from around the Commonwealth — and even a set of twins!
While each and every Islander on the show has made a strong impression so far, one contestant is causing quite the stir in the villa and across social media platforms: Mike Boateng. Typically clad in floral co-ord sets and his signature black durag, Mike is already a fan favorite. The 24-year-old hails from London, and when he's not winning over his other half Leanna Amaning, Mike is protecting and serving the city as a police officer.
As fit as Mike is, your head will definitely turn when you see the rest of his family tree. I present to you, Mike's older twin brothers, Andrew and Samuel.
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There's more to these brothers than their obvious good looks — they're also really funny. Like Mike, both Andrew and Samuel have a great sense of humor, and they have been showing it off on social media. While Mike is occupied in the villa, his older brothers are holding down the fort by and managing both his Twitter and Instagram accounts, and their play-by-play from the peanut gallery is hilarious.
Early on this season, Mike found himself at the center of Love Island controversy when he and Callum Jones were snatched away from their partners by the Gale twins Jess and Eve. Distraught with the de-coupling of the show's early faves (and Mike's wandering eye), fans of the series took to Twitter to rant about the 24-year-old's perceived disloyalty to Leanne.
Andrew and Samuel were quick to react to the public outcry, jumping on social media to make light of the turn of events. As shippers of Leanne and Mike, they also had their own opinions on the matter, whipping out the best memes in response.
The expert-level social media engagement on Andrew and Samuel's part comes from personal experience with being in the limelight. In 2016, Samuel participated in the UK edition of The Apprentice, joining a group of entrepreneurs to win the approval of British business magnate Alan Sugar in the show's twelfth season. Unfortunately, he didn't win, but Samuel did walk away with a new appreciation for business and a large following.
As the Islanders say, it's early days, but I'm rooting for Mike and Leanne to take home the grand prize this season. Mostly because I believe in true love (and these two look really good together), but also because I'm truly enjoying his brothers' commentary on the show. Love a supportive family!
Watch Mike do his ting on Love Island, with new episodes from the winter season airing daily only on Hulu.

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