Alison Brie’s Horse Girl Movie Is Actually About… Aliens?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
When Netflix first announced the Horse Girl movie, I'm sure we all pictured the same thing: a My Friend Flicka meets Free Reign situation that you and your friends could gather round to mock and meme. Ladies and gentlemen, were we mistaken. The trailer for the film, which stars Alison Brie, is actually a dark, trippy, and unnerving movie about a woman who has never quite fit in and an ominous family history that seems to be creeping up on her in potentially supernatural ways. She thinks she's been abducted by aliens, y'all.
The trailer starts simple enough: Brie plays a woman named Sarah who works at craft store, goes to zumba class, and visits her horse. However, the death of her mother and her introverted nature means she's somewhat of an outcast. Then her roommate, played by Debby Ryan, introduces her to her boyfriend's friend (John Reynolds), and they hit it off. In the midst of this, however, something darker begins to overtake Sarah, and the lines between what is real and what is in her head begin to blur.
"I've been having a little trouble sleeping," she tells her therapist in the trailer. "Finding myself places and I don't know how I got there."
But even more troubling is the fact that her grandmother apparently went through something similar, and now Sarah is worried she's following in her footsteps. Scratches in walls start appearing, imaginary phone calls start taking place, and a panicked Brie cries that "nothing makes sense."
"I know that it sounds crazy," she tearfully explains. "I know it sounds really crazy but it just feels really real."
Molly Shannon and Jay Duplass also star in the film, which is an official selection in the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.
Horse Girl arrives on Netflix February 7.

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