The Cast of The Gentlemen Are A Good Time

Photo: Courtesy of STX Entertainment.
English film director, producer, and screenwriter Guy Ritchie has a tried and true formula when it comes to filmmaking: men, guns, and endless fighting. Save for outliers such as the 2019 remake of Aladdin and King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword (departures from his usual vibe), Ritchie's filmography is explosive yet cheeky.
The Gentlemen is peak Ritchie, splashy and indulgent from beginning to end. The film tells the unique story of a drug lord's rise to the zenith of the marijuana business and his attempt to get out of the game, thrown off course by the greed of ambitious competitors from every corner of the world. There are men. There are guns. There are fistfights. Even more importantly, there is tweed — and a lot of it.
To pull off his thirteenth full length feature film, Ritchie recruited some of Hollywood's finest. The cast of The Gentlemen is talented, quirky, and as the film's title suggests, posh as can be. For the most part.
Ahead, find out who's who in The Gentlemen.

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