The Bachelor’s Sydney Hightower Sort Of Has A Past With Hannah Brown

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Hannah Brown has already made a major mark on Peter Weber's Bachelor season with her return and his offer for her to join the other women in the mansion. But while she certainly won't be part the show as a contestant and will likely say her final goodbye during episode 2, that probably won't be the last we hear of her. One of Peter's contestants, Sydney Hightower, went to high school with Hannah. That's gotta come up, right?
The fact that Sydney and Hannah went to high school together was first brought to Bachelor fans' attention when Chris Harrison announced the season 24 contestants. When he got to Sydney, the host mentioned that she and Hannah went to the same high school in Alabama. Sydney also reposted the clip on her Instagram.
According to Bham Now — a site about Birmingham, Alabama, where Sydney is from — that school was Tuscaloosa County High School. And, according to, Hannah and Sydney were both members of the class of 2013. Hannah was the class vice president and, as shown on her own Instagram, she was homecoming queen, so it's highly unlikely that they didn't at least know of each other.
That said, it doesn't appear that Sydney and Hannah are friends — unless they're purposely keeping things under wraps. Aside from the video of Harrison on Sydney's Instagram, there's no mention of Hannah on her feed, and Hannah hasn't mentioned anyone from her high school being on the show in any interviews. Still, if Sydney stays on the show for a while, it would be strange if she didn't tell Peter that she kinda knows Hannah. Not only because that's a massive coincidence, but because the producers are trained to encourage that.
It appears that Sydney will also be on the show long enough for the topic to arise. Harrison said that Sydney is someone who will "say anything" and that, "A certain Bachelor I also know said she might be one of the best kissers in the group." That's kind of a weird thing to say about a group of women you're dating, Pete, but being the Bachelor is weird, full stop.
Then again, being a high school cohort of the woman who broke the Bachelor's heart has got to be even weirder.
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