You Might Not Recognize The Star-Studded Cast Of The Dolittle Remake

Photo: Vera Anderson/WireImage.
In 2019, Robert Downey Jr. wrapped up his decade-long tenure as the Marvel Cinematic Universe's one true king, Tony Stark. For over ten years, he played the genius billionaire who led the Avengers and saved the world time and time again. That is, until Iron Man fought his final fight in Avengers: Endgame.
Now that he's hung up his titanium suit for good, Downey is gearing up to play a different type of supergenius: a doctor with the uncanny ability to talk to animals.
In the upcoming adaptation of Hugh Lofting's iconic Doctor Dolittle novels, Downey Jr. will play the eponymous veterinarian. Unlike previous iterations of the series, which starred Eddie Murphy and were set in the present day, Dolittle will take place in the past as the animal doctor journeys across the world on an epic adventure.
He'll be joined by a host of animals with big, big personalities, voiced by an unbelievable cast of Hollywood A-listers. Ahead, the celebrities bringing Lofting's magical story to life in the upcoming film Dolittle.

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